• It's about the journey – but you probably heard that before


Keep it Private — To Some Extent

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Everything takes time!

I know, I know. Same old story, but it's accurate. You need to take the time, work at your own pace, and build something for yourself. Future you will be very proud of everything you've done!

And so it all begins!

Allow me to introduce myself

I'm Andreea and I'm an artist – and if you think that sounded like a Artists Anonymous introduction, you're partially right.

Some time ago I decided that the usual 9 to 5 wasn't for me, and I was completely right. And even though most of my plans were ruined by a certain virus, I saw the bright side. It was the time for me to learn. And so I did. I was lucky though, because I didn't start from square one. By 2021, I have built 5 websites, wrote over 500 articles, took thousands of photos and mastered SEO. How is everything going? Absolutely amazing.

I know we're all raised thinking that one person is good at one thing (career wise, at least), but I promise you, that's not true. You just need ambition, perseverance and marketing – like it or not, you need to learn to sell yourself or your work.

Let's Just Do It!

No, adventures aren't for everyone, and you may not even like mine. But what happens if you actually do?