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Hiring Experts to do Your Job Doesn't Work

After spending so long in this industry, I realized that it's simply not worth hiring someone to optimize you small business website — it's pricey, they may not understand your vision and I saw too many people simply learning on their clients' money.

As a result, I'm now opening the consultancy program — of course, the seats are limited, but we can make it work. The only difference between you and the person you're hiring are probably a few years of experience and expensive courses — I did that too. But after getting my certifications, I realized that it's not like that. There's no joy in coming over and optimizing someone else's website — but there is a lot of joy in teaching them how to do it. 

A New Approach

Instead of offering thousands of dollars worth of services, I decided to teach you how to do it yourself. SEO and content marketing are very sensitive topics, and a general strategy simply won't cut it for everyone. 

My approach is simple — you book a call and give me all the details — your website, mission and what you wish to achieve. Based on that, we can work on your layout, text and strategy to keep your business at the top.

By the end of our session, you'll know exactly what you need to do, and how to achieve it.

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