Why Aren’t Your Instagram or Facebook Ads Approved?

Lately, I’m seeing a lot of entrepreneurs having problems with their Facebook and Instagram ads. Even though it seems like they are doing everything right, there’s still something not working. I’ll try and help you troubleshoot your problem, and I’m really hoping one of these solutions will work, as everyone needs ads.

1. Make sure you have a professional account

Ok. Let me explain how Instagram and Facebook work together. Every two accounts(Fb and IG) can be linked together, right? Usually a private Facebook account, with a private Instagram account, and a Facebook page, with a business/creator Instagram account.

Because ads are intended for businesses, it’s safe to say that you won’t be able to put up ads from Facebook, if it’s linked to a personal Instagram account. I’m really hoping this makes sense.

Personal Facebook Account - Personal Instagram Account - NO
Facebook Page - Instagram Business Account - YES

2. The ad doesn’t respect the guidelines

Facebook and Instagram advertising rules can be quite restrictive at times, but they’re fair if you think about it. You’re not allowed to promote illegal products or activities, you can’t impersonate people, you can’t use a domain as your username if you didn’t receive approval from Instagram, you can’t share confidential information, and you can’t have very clear follow or like requests in exchange for something.

3. You’re trying to promote offensive content

Instagram won’t allow their users to promote offensive content, under any form, and that’s for good reason. Nothing racist, discriminatory, shaming, and you know, all these things that shouldn’t exist at all after all.

4. Your ad is deceiving

Instagram and Facebook want their user experience to be as nice as possible, so if you’re trying to promote something deceiving, or the ad will send people to a whole different page, it won’t get approved. You need to be as transparent as possible, or at least give this impression.

5. Your ad account is disabled

According to Facebook, “To help keep Facebook safe and ensure positive experiences between people and businesses, we review ad accounts to check for violations of our Advertising Policies and Terms of Service. This may result in ad accounts that don’t comply with these policies and terms being disabled.”

This is something you won’t find in most guides, but if your ad account has been disabled, you will need to request a review, and one of their specialists will take a look at it. After all, if you’re not doing anything wrong, you will find a solution.

Ok, this was a very short guide, but after sourcing the internet, I couldn’t find anything but explanations on how to set up a proper ad, and nothing on actually troubleshooting this problem. Let me know if any of these worked for you, and go ahead and start promoting your amazing business! <3

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