An Amsterdam Story Part 2 — Arrival

Remember when I told you about all the fun I had on my flight? Well, it wasn’t exactly like that because I still had some work to take care of and may have even slept at some point — to be completely fair, I’m not sure what happened during those 3 hours, but I arrived tired as hell.

However, I was super impressed with the fact that no one clapped when we landed. I noticed that Romanians have a tendency of making a big deal out of a landing, but this didn’t happen this time — BIG WIN!

Arriving on Schiphol During the Pandemic

The last time I was at this airport it was sooooo crowded — everyone was everywhere, all the shops were open and sales reps would stop me with all kinds of offers. It wasn’t the case this time. It felt like I took a step out of a post-apocalyptic game and the only light coming in was from the outside — I’m being dramatic, it wasn’t like that — but still scary enough to get lost.

Important flight information — you should have everything prepared when you arrive in order to keep the lines running smoothly. People still travel a lot and we need to move fast and don’t stay there too long.

Trying to retrace my steps from last time, I eventually found my way out — that’s right! Don’t mess with my memory — and had to find a cab. Well, that’s where things got weird. Because I’m as stubborn as I can be, I wanted to find myself an Uber — because why not take a cab that was right in front of me, when I can drive myself crazy trying to find the pickup point, right?

Those 10 minutes felt like 10 hours, as anxiety kicked in hard and I couldn’t focus on finding the point that was right across the street, in front of the big-ass hotel I was looking for. I eventually found some very nice police officers, showed them the phone and they told me where I should be — if you guys see this, 10000000 thanks!!!

So I found the pick-up point, ordered an Uber and I was on my way to Keizersgracht.

On my way there, the Uber driver told me a very interesting story about how he and his partner decorated a big hotel and made sure every room had a movie theme. I honestly don’t remember a lot of the details, as he was speaking half English, half Dutch and I don’t speak Dutch — I’m sure a lot of important details were lost in the process.

Finally Home!

No, I don’t live there, but as cliche as it may sound, my heart is in Amsterdam thanks to a very special someone. He met me at the entrance and my journey was complete. Only 6 hours and I felt like I was on the road for days — different energies, different everything, right?

There was only one thing left to do — get cozy and prepare for an entire day out.

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