An Amsterdam Story Part 1 — Departure

After spending more than one year almost exclusively inside, I felt like I was going crazy — and I’m probably not the only one. So, the only rational thing to do was hop on a plane and visit my city of angels — Amsterdam.

No, it wasn’t easy and quarantine was not fun — but the feeling of being there managed to override any other thing happening around me. Beautiful people, outstanding architecture, and doing nothing but working (I actually love working) and walking around the city center made it the escape I needed. Let’s talk a little about getting there.

Traveling to Amsterdam During a Global Pandemic

Depending on where you are, restrictions may differ. When I started planning, Romania (where I’m from), was a red country — meaning that I needed two series of tests and a 5-day quarantine until the third test.

Of course, the first problem was packing — I can never fit everything in one suitcase and I’m too cheap to pay for more — and in all fairness, who needs two suitcases for a one-week vacation (someone point a finger at me!!!)? But once everything was settled, it was the time for the testing — PCR tests are something I’m NOT looking forward to, but it was mandatory if I wanted to travel to Amsterdam. So, I rolled up my sleeves and went to the closest center. All good, results came in pretty fast and I was ready to go.

Since I had to take another test 4 hours before departure, I was at the airport almost 5 hours before my flight — and because I’m generally friendly, this was fun (but more about that in a few minutes).

After spending about 30 minutes trying to figure out where the testing center is, I found it, had my brains swabbed again and I waited patiently (NOT) until my test arrived. I was not in the clear yet — if that result was positive, I’d have to go back home, quarantine for 14 days and you know the rest.

The test came eventually out NEGATIVE — the bringer of the good news was the manager and he assured me that everything was ok. After all, “if you have a PCR test, you’re in the clear anyway” — NOT.

Now, what do I do for 2 more hours until I get to check-in and patiently wait again for my flight to depart? What I always do — befriend anyone.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, I knew all the security guards and maintenance personnel in that area and we did have a lot to talk about — after all, I’m the tough lady with the pink suitcase, right? That’s how I found out that airports are a lot more relaxed than I thought and security guards don’t see a lot of interesting events. I’m actually curious to see if they’ll be there the next time I leave and if they’ll recognize me.

Time to Board on My Flight to Amsterdam

And for the first time in FOREVER, I passed through security with flying colors — well, almost, as baggy clothes seem to be bad news and required a quick check. Didn’t unpack anything, didn’t get any extra scans and I got to keep my shoes on!

Ok, from now on there’s nothing really interesting to tell, but since I’m anxious, I really appreciated the COVID-19 measures where 2 people can’t sit next to each other. BIG WIN!

I do have a nice story mid-flight, but that will be a whole new blog, as it has quite a lot of details. Until next time, kisses and hugs! <3

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