About Brand Ambassadors and Why It Doesn't Work

If you've been anywhere near social media lately, then you probably got swarmed by no-name brands trying to get you to become a brand ambassador for them. There's just one problem with that — what the hell are they doing? 

For starters, this idea of brand ambassadors is great — if you know what you're doing. However, no legit brand will slide into your DMs and say "hey, would you like to be a brand ambassador for {{insert brand name here}}?" 

Let's go over some terms to better understand where I'm going with this.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

By definition, a brand ambassador is someone who loves the brand and is more than happy to talk about it and share it with other people — big brands can actually pay people to do that in a non-invasive way (compare it with influencers, for example — they're getting paid to promote the products directly).

If you wanna do this, you're actually free to do so, but don't get fooled by the brands sliding into your DMs. 

How Instagram Brand Ambassadorship Programs Work 

What you don't know about these shady brands is that they're mostly dropshipping businesses. This means that all they do is set up a website, import products from specialized dropshipping platforms(like AliBaba), and try to make money. If you ever take a look at their followers count and likes per post, you'll see something's wrong with that.

When the average engagement rate stands at 7% and they have 400k followers and 400 likes on every post, you automatically get a red flag — or at least you should. 

The process is as follows. They send out messages to people about these "exclusive" programs and free stuff (which is never free, but we'll get to that). If you decide to join, you'll send a message to the brand's page, and you'll need to order something from them using your new ambassador code. 

What's offered as free, is NEVER free. Even though you get a code and all, you'll still pay more than the product's value at the checkout, as shipping fees. Even more, if you search for that same product on AliExpress, you'll find it in no time for a price 10 times lower than offered. 

And by the way, everyone can make mockups for anything with a program like PlaceIt and get awesome looking products for your website. 

So what's the catch? Well, these shops don't last long, and most of their sales come from people joining this program. And they do make profits — most of these stores are already built Shopify websites, where they only need to import the products and sell them. They don't even have to invest more than $100. $30 being the Shopify subscription, and the other $70 in IG followers for their pages.

My friendly advice is to stay the f**k away from these programs. 

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